Understanding Sports Betting Law in Arizona

As more Americans discover the fun and excitement that betting on sports offers, they are also finding out that it can be very risky. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who fall into this dangerous and illegal category. There have been repeated stories of individuals who have lost everything to online sports betting.

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Currently, Arizona Indian tribes are on board with online sports betting. However, the legality for tribal members to provide betting outside of their reservation may require federal regulation. Recent Arizona sports betting news has also revealed that offshore sportsbooks do operate illegally. They typically don’t hold a valid license from either the state or any jurisdiction and therefore cannot legally take bets from residents. Many have also fallen victim to fraud and scams within the online sports betting industry. Many of which are operated by organized crime elements.

If you are an American citizen, over the age of eighteen years old, and are interested in wagering on sports in Arizona, you should thoroughly research the legal options available to you. There are currently three different types of legal options open to you. One option is local, state-run sports books. State-run sports books are managed and owned by the state and are therefore strictly regulated. Individuals may wager money at these books, but the chances of winning here are low.

Your next option is an offshore sportsbook. An offshore sportsbook is run by a company that does not actually own the sports books themselves. Instead, these companies work with different banks, brokers, and third-party payment processors. To participate in international sports betting, you must verify your identity and location through one of the third-party payment processors that services the offshore site. All transactions are completed securely and legally.

Your final legal option for Arizona sports betting is through “franchise” or “tribal casinos.” These are companies that operate businesses legally under the authority of the Arizona State Gaming Control Board. While these companies have come under fire from local residents and the state Gaming Control Board, many people find them to be the most convenient way to bet on sports in Arizona.

Despite the transient nature of online sportsbooks, they do still have a leg up on the “local” or brick-and-mortar sports books. For starters, online sportsbooks often offer better customer service than their “brick and mortar” brethren. This includes reviewing your sports picks before the game and making changes as you see fit (i.e., no early picks). Further, because betting on sports in Arizona is illegal, many online sportsbooks are well-known for their honesty in terms of placing your bets. In addition, you are able to bet on a variety of sports including NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball, and NCAA games.

Finally, there are a number of bonuses and privileges available to individuals who choose to follow the online path to sports betting. Many states allow you to wager in bonus money at participating establishments as part of their in-house promotions. This often includes food, drink, hotel stays, and others. In addition, many states make bonuses tax deductible, which means that you may also take advantage of these savings by taking advantage of the tax laws associated with sports betting in Arizona.

Overall, sports betting legislation in Arizona is quite complicated, but fortunately, the overall spirit of the law is well intentioned. It is designed to protect consumers by ensuring that gambling is legal while also making it difficult for individuals to access funds from offshore gambling institutions. However, despite the complexity, Arizona sports betting is still largely unregulated. The best bet is to simply play by the rules, and if you are going to place bets, be sure to do so responsibly and legally.